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Sarah’s Book was so hot and steamy, it had me panting and wet. Awesome book. Highly recommend it!!

His Huge Rock

Loved this series of romantic adventures! Didn’t know what to expect from one day to another. Spontaneous, adventurous, comical, and amorous all bundled into each day.

The Billionaire Bachelor

This book had an interesting storyline and the characters in this story are awesome! Interesting to read this series. Can’t wait to read more of this author’s books. Drama and exciting sexy sexual beginnings to start. ENJOY!

The Billionaire’s Assistant

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Extremely well written story. Well developed, vivid, and relatable characters. I was engaged immediately to the plot and the story pulled me in so quickly that I couldn’t set it down until I found out what happened in the end!! This is a great addition to anyone’s e-library!!!!!!

The King’s Game


Sarah J.  Brooks

Sarah J. has been writing since she was 16 years old and has published multiple Amazon bestselling books. No matter if her heroes are Billionaires, Bad Boys or both - she loves to write about hot and sexy alpha males, who are protective and sometimes bossy, as well as the women they crave. Her exciting stories are always steamy, with a lot of twists and turns and a guaranteed HEA that leaves you satisfied after a wild ride - just like it should be in the bedroom, you know?

Sarah loves to travel the world, because new places always inspire her. Right now she enjoys time in europe while writing new books.

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